Switch supplier

Switch to Green Electricity

Ecotricity and Good Energy are the most established renewable energy companies. Both sell only tariffs backed by 100% renewable electricity, supply a proportion of ‘green gas’ (from biomethane), and fund renewable generation such as solar panel farms, wind turbines and biomass.  The biomethane supplied by Ecotricity is “vegan gas”.

Newer energy suppliers offering only tariffs with 100% renewable electricity include Bulb Energy, Green Energy UK, Octopus Energy, Pure Planet, and Tonik Energy.

Switching to one of them is a quick and easy way to do something good for the planet.

Other energy suppliers offer a tariff with 100% renewable electricity alongside other tariffs that are not all renewable.  We think these are misleading and should not be allowed.  What matters is the overall fuel-mix of all electricity generated by the supplier.

Switching is simple
It doesn’t mean a new meter, or someone coming round to rewire your home. It just means spending less than five minutes filling in an online form with a few details.